Giving Thanks 11/24/07

It’s been a very busy week for the Gray family. I last looked at/listened to anything about baseball on Monday, then spent 2 solid days cooking and preparing Thanksgiving dinner for 16 adults and 14 children. It is truly a shame that so many of us forget that we should give thanks for more than the opportunity to freely eat unlimited amounts of food, knowing that it can’t be selfish or thoughtless, given the fact that there is more available than twice the number of people present could eat.

And of course, even though I was exhausted after the last guest FINALLY left, I just had to get up at an ungodly hour in the morning and rush right out with every other foolish female in the City of Houston to get those all important after Thanksgiving specials. Every year I swear I’m never going to do it again and every year I find myself joining my girlfriends and cousins as we all impersonate defensive ends rushing for a touchdown (and you thought that none of all that endless football could penetrate my impervious puss…)

Anyway, as I staggered to my car an hour or so before closing time and turned on ESPN radio and heard that Joe Kennedy, lefty reliever for some baseball team, just died from unknown causes. The man was just a year older than I am, and left a wife and year old baby. I started crying so hard I had to pull off the road and I bawled for a good 10 minutes before heading back home, still sobbing a little. I walked in the door, barely noticed that Husband had made sure the place was fairly clean and had already put kids to bed, and walked over to him and put my arms around him and started crying again. Joe Kennedy died, I sobbed, and his baby won’t never know him. Husband didn’t know who the heck Joe Kennedy was, but he kissed my head, looked at me for a minute, then said, you haven’t eaten all freaking day, have you? Good thing I got a plate for you all ready to heat up. Husband is a firm believer in eating first then talking later.

But maybe he wasn’t so dumb because I felt a little better after I forced down a little food – he was right, I hadn’t had anything to eat for hours, just after we left Macy’s and went, um, well, I’ve forgotten exactly where. It’s a jungle out there. But he did ask who Joe was and so I told him, then I explained that I was all crying and upset because I was suddenly afraid because it had hit me that we could lose the one we love most at any second for no reason in particular, just like poor Mrs. Kennedy. So he looked at me and smiled and said – aw Baby, dontchu worry, I ain’t goin nowheres. And I looked around and told him – thank you for cleaning up the mess and he looked at me and said – thank you for all the work you did for Thanksgiving and for putting up with Certain People in the house.

And so, you see, there really is a lot to be thankful for – a good and decent man for a husband, healthy children who are pretty good kids, a house to live in, heat and cooling, plenty of food, plenty of places to shop, good friends, family (even when they getting on your LAST nerve) and the privilege of living in this country at this time in history.

And of course, having a major league baseball team right here in my own city, let’s not forget the big stuff…
And of course, I’ll comment on the “action” and inaction that has occurred while I’ve been busy with family this past week.


6 Responses to “Giving Thanks 11/24/07”

  1. Stephen says:

    Another thing to be thankful for: Linebrink and Cordero are off the free agent market — and not because they’re Astros now.

  2. Lisa Gray says:

    so true, so true
    i was afraid we’d get stuck with them

  3. Mark says:

    I, too, am thankful that Cordero and Linebrink won’t be Astros. It’s not that I don’t like Linebrink; I just don’t like him at that price.
    I’m also thankful that we have Lisa Gray, who does a fine job of running this blog, even if she is a girl.

  4. Daniel says:

    If you’re an Astro fan, female writers are what you have to deal with. Both Lisa, and the Astros beat writer for the team site, Alyson Footer, are obviously women, but also great at what they do. I really am thankful for the great Houston Astros coverage and insights and opinions the two of them have given to us.

  5. Lisa Gray says:

    thank you darling boy. and i think mark was kidding me.
    and actually from all the complaining i hear males do about how no grrrls like baseball, wanna talk baseball etcetcetc, i’d think all yall be DELIGHTED bout me and alyson.
    and husband likes alyson just FINE you know what i mean, even if he’s not dumb enough to say so…

  6. Mark says:

    I like Lisa way better than A. Footer simply because Footer always writes the company line. Lisa is independent and will say what she thinks even if it doesn’t agree with what the Astros say.