11/7/07: Roger Clemens Comes Back To Houston!!!

As a consultant, that is.
Ain’t I a stinkah???

Actually, he’s starting his personal services contract, which runs 10 years. According to ESPN.com, “He’s moving toward retirement and leaving open the possibility of playing,” agent Randy Hendricks said. “As Roger has stated several times, he’s failed at retirement repeatedly.”

The usual Roger. What else is new.

But he was hurt an awful lot of last year and as he did the past 3 years, he wore down with leg problems and was useless in the postseason. Well, he wasn’t TOTALLY useless in 2005 – that 3 inning relief appearance in the famous 18 inning game is my favorite Roger performance of all time, especially the part where he is jubilant, surrounded by a zillion reporters, and pulls Chris Burke front and center and says – well, how about this kid?

Roger might could be a money hungry publicity craving kind of guy, but there is no doubt he’s a very good teacher and he LIKES working with the young pitchers. With all the young guys on the team, we really could use his help.

I seriously doubt Roger is going to pitch again this year, but with that guy, youneverknow. I hope he’s gotten himself a better phone is all I can say…

Well, I can say more (hey, I’m a grrrrl, it’s what we do) but I’m going to mostly quote Tim Marchman, one of my 5 favorite baseball writers (the others are, as all yall know, Jeff Kallman, Jeff Angus, John Brattain and Joe Posnaski). Now he’s talking about his baseball team, the Mets, but with a few little changes, it sure sounds like the Astros. Check it out:

“And after an old team enjoyed a brief period of success, the team fired their brilliant manager GM and spent several years trying to contend by replacing (good) old players with older, lesser players. All of this culminated in the Scott Kazmir Jason Jennings trade, (one of) the worst in franchise history.”

“It is clear, then, that the Mets Astros will at least attempt to meet this year’s epic collapse with some equally epic display of idiocy. Doing something even if that something makes no sense is as much a team tradition as Kiner’s Korner ‘Deep In The Heart Of Texas’ and the heartbreaking playoff loss bullpen save blowing tradition. Perhaps a weak free agent market and a trade market in which the Mets Astros don’t have the young players to compete will keep them from harming themselves, but they will surely try.”

He’s a really good writer, isn’t he? And if I say – I couldn’t have said it better my own self, well, it’s true.


12 Responses to “11/7/07: Roger Clemens Comes Back To Houston!!!”

  1. Tom Gower says:

    You wrote this after the trade, didn’t you? Please tell me you put that Marchman quote away in a file somewhere and pulled it out just to make yourself look like a prophet. I admit it, I don’t really know anything about the 3 guys they got, and I’m not sad to see Bruntlett go, but any trade for Lidge that didn’t yield an above-average MLB starter is a bad one in my book, and I don’t think this one did.

  2. Joel B. says:

    So what do you think? They got themselves a non cowboy hat wearing guy. I wanted Bourn last year.
    I was excited when I first read about the trade. Then the guys at rotoworld crushed my soul. They said it was a stupid trade. Bourn/Pence is no improvement over Scott/Pence.
    I think they may be right, but I guess every fan knew there wasn’t much benefit in upgrading the outfield.
    They said Bourn = Taveras.
    So basically over the last 2 years they traded Willy/Bucholz/Hirsh/Lidge/Bruntelett for Willy -spanish.
    Good job Astros!

  3. Mark says:

    The thing that I wonder about with the Lidge deal is who the Astros have in mind to be the closer next year. I would guess that Sarfate has the inside track.
    Unless the minor league 3rd baseman that they got is Jeff Bagwell caliber, I don’t see this as being a very good trade for Houston. It’s probably the best thing for Lidge though.

  4. Daniel says:

    Lidge trade is intriguing, but probably a little on the bad side. Bourn is a good, fast player. He’s a portotypical leadoff guy, maybe even better than Teveras overall. The bullpen guy, Geary, I believe is a so-so lefty. Overall, he seems pretty meaningless. Bruntlett really had no place in the Astros anymore, and Lidge was, we have to admit, a guy that needed a change of scenery. I believe they could have gotten more for him at the deadline, but Bourn is a pretty good haul. As for this minor-leaguer, he’s 24, a .277 hitter (he has god pop though; 27 HR 80-90 RBI) at AA. Another Astros prospects that only contribute at 27 type. Not great. Overal, Bourn is a good addition, and is a good leadoff guy, something the Stros needed, but the others are meaningless.

  5. Joel B. says:

    This trade has risk on both sides.
    Lidge is only locked for one year and maybe he is done. (I don’t think so)
    For the Astros Bourn has to prove to be a legitimt leadoff.
    It seems they will go after Fransico Cordero. I think they willl land him. They have a ton of cash to throw at him.

  6. Steve says:

    Looks like we got taken again. No upgrade in the outfield, no improvement in the pen(where we have thrown two seasons away from), and now we don’t have a closer. Maybe new GM’s shouldn’t be allowed to deal with their former teams. Maybe Hunsicker has some more Aubrey Huff caliber players he would like to offload on us too. I sure hope the new 3rd sacker works out for us, cause we sure as heck don’t have one of them worth a damn either. ’08 is going to be another bad year I think. But maybe miracles will happen in a few years and we will build the farm system up. As you say Lisa SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kris says:

    Another head shaker deal … we shall see … time will tell
    Bourn has speed but needs more than that
    Pence doesn’t have the arm for RF, Mr. Wade
    meanwhile, Luke Scott is playing in Venezuela (whaddya know, he’s Healthy! ) and he’s LEADING his team (the Magallanes) in RUNS (10) he’s tied for 2nd in RBI’s (9) has 3 2Bs, 2 HRs and 10 BBs in just 14 games I think …
    Nah … we won’t miss you Luke … MUCH !!

  8. JDolla$ says:

    Jeez. Brad Lidge AND Bruntlett – for Bourne, Geary and George Costanza? WTF?
    If Jon Daniels knew the Stros were just giving players away now, I’m sure he would have tried to get in line a bit earlier.
    I repeat, WTF?

  9. Lisa Gray says:

    actually tim wrote that in the NY sun on tuesday. you know i always heard that us females have p***s envy, but truth is, when it comes to marchman, i have pen envy. and i wrote the entry after dinner.
    and all yall, i agree that trading lidge for a lefty reliever and a 4th OF was not a swift move.
    one of these days i am going to find out why this Organization has such dislike/contempt for luke scott
    will write an entry on this trade later

  10. Austin says:

    Only time will tell, but my initial reaction is that the Astros got the worse of this trade. Now they have nobody to close. There are rumors of a deal for Francisco Cordero. That would be nice, but they’re saying that with the acquisition of Bourn, the Astros will probably be looking to deal Scott. Which means that we lose any semblance of any power whatsoever from the bench, and the Astros have absolutely no depth whatsoever.
    I’ve also heard that Burke is on the block, which means we’d have to work ANOTHER deal for a second baseman, because Loretta just won’t cut it.

  11. Jack says:

    I don’t think I like this move.
    I was in favor of trading Lidge, and signing a more expensive closer to replace him, but I wanted to trade Lidge for prospects, and only prospects.
    I do like that Bourn is only 25, and that, unlike Anderson, he actually draws walks (as far as I can tell). However, I really can’t see how his improved defense is an upgrade over Scott’s vastly superior offensive game.
    I suppose my evaluation of this trade hinges on Costanzo, who is may already better than Cody Ransom… On the other hand I’ve gotten so disillusioned with the management of this franchise that it’s hard for me to believe that we came out ahead in this. Sigh…

  12. Lisa Gray says:

    joel b,
    trading luke for bourne is just flat out stupid UNLESS we get something really good for luke in a trade. and not trading him will be even stupider because he sucks as a PH. to be nice about it.
    as for cody ransom, i have now asked 4 guys i know who are experts in the minor league evals and one of them has seen ransom play a good deal and they ALL said the same thing – AAAA. at best.