Biggio Wins The 2007 Roberto Clemente Award

Craig Biggio received national recognition tonight before the World Series for his work with the Sunshine Kids Foundation.

This is really good news, as it will bring his name into the consciousness of all the mainstream East Coast reporters who, amidst all the Red Sox Worship, are having to actually acknowledge that there are real actual baseball players west of the Hudson River.

This way, when he’s up for the Hall Of Fame in 5 years, all those guys just might could dimly remember that they heard his name somewhere…

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4 Responses to “Biggio Wins The 2007 Roberto Clemente Award”

  1. lisa gray says:

    greg bijouwell or whatever his name was, was one of the best second basemen EVAH. he ain’t joe morgan/hornsby, but he was incredible.
    am working on a complete career retrospective which i will post on hardball times in a week or so

  2. wags says:

    I hope all Astros fans can appreciate the depth of recognition that Biggio brings. Despite his last few years of comparatively less than all-star standards on the field, Craig Biggio has left a genuine Hall of Fame stamp on the franchise.
    Perhaps because of the more vivid accomplishments of the Bagell icon, Biggio flew slightly under the radar during the middle and late ’90s, but he has solidly and faithfully hung in there, and except for some drunken comments from David Wells, has stayed completely out of the steroid discussions.
    all those guys just might could dimly remember that they heard his name somewhere

  3. wags says:

    “…the Bagwell icon…”

  4. […] already in on the news, seeing as Biggio is being presented with the Roberto Clemente award (via The Astros Dugout): DENVER — With 3,060 hits and 291 home runs, Craig Biggio will undoubtedly be remembered […]