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7/31/11: Goodbye Chris Johnson And Brett Wallace

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Not surprised. Both of them have looked lost for a LONG time. I guess Clank is going to play first, Bogusevic is going to play right and Jimmy Paredes, one of the guys Wade traded Oswalt for last year is going to play third as Wade needs to prove what a great trader he is so he doesn’t get so screwed on Wandy/WB trades next month.

Jimmy is being promoted from AA where he has been playing second base – and has TWENTY errors in 93 games – and you thought CJ is bad? and he’s hitting .270/.300/.426/.726 over 385 AB.

He’s 104 fer 385, 22 doubles, 4 triples, 10 HR, 15 walks: 29 SB/10 CS.


You notice Ed Wade called up HIS boy – he could have called up Cody Hinze and his 1.018 OPS to play first, but he might succeed and that would interfere with Fast Eddie’s plans for that A ball guy he just got who is going to play first next year.

Brett Wallace playing first at AAA (so long Koby Clemens) is going to block Hinze, too, but it doesn’t matter because we have that A ball guy that Wade is going to call up, right?

I would guess that Bogusevic is going back down when Jordan Schafer gets off the DL. Too bad – Bogu is a very good OF and he can run, too.

I can’t believe today – I think I’ve had like 7 posts which has GOT to be a record for me over the past 7 years.

Clint Barmes Is The Player The Astros Should Build Around – The Core Of The Youth Movement!!!

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

He’s 32 years old, is a starter ONLY because he’s on the Astros, and oozing veterany goodness is not an excuse to use to build a team around a guy, no matter HOW he fields. And yeah, he’s better than Angel Sanchez.

My GAWD I hate Ed Wade. He’s raving about Jordan Schafer (why?) and how the 2 mediocre AA pitchers we got are gonna be in the rotation next year (can’t wait for THAT, can you) and how Jonathan Singleton, the A ball first baseman is gonna be a middle of the order 30 homer a year guy next YEAR. He isn’t hitting anywheres NEAR what guys like Heyward and Trout did at that age and even THEY didn’t jump to the majors after A ball. Maybe he meant 2013. You note that the Phils refused to even discuss him or Cowart last year for OSWALT and now they OFFER them. Tells me what I needed to know.

Astros called up Luis Durango instead of Bogusevic – and we have no lefty bats anymore except Wallace, who is hitting like me. Durango has 68 AB in the majors over 2 years. He’s another little guy who is supposedly 5-9 (I’d have to see him, but it will have to wait) and had a .635 OPS at AAA this year and .703 OPS at Portland AAA last year. 22 SB, 10 CS – tends to hit a lot of singles. He’s a switch hitter – don’t know how he does lefty. Whatever.

It’s another guy on the 40 man and the Astros are gonna have to pay HIS salary, too.

The game wasn’t broadcast today, don’t ask me why MLB decides to block out games that are not in the Fox/ESPN contract, but they did. I didn’t find out that you have to watch on the computer/phone until the 8th inning. Just great – a 4″ picture and no JD, and God Knows Who as announcers – I think they might have been Brewers announcers, not guys working for, but am not positive, got it in time to see Altuve popup in the 8th with bases loaded, Astros losing 4-3.

I see that the Brewers ballpark is jam packed full and there aren’t even any Cubs fans. Amazing what happens when your owner TRIES to win and field a good team. I bet there won’t even be 8K people in the stands this week now that Pence and Bourn are gone.

We lost, of course.

Clint Barmes had a throwing error that led to a run (over threw home, allowing the runner to go from second to third) and Myers couldn’t throw from the infield to first, allowing a run, and he also bunted into a DP with men on first and second 5-6-3. He blew the 3-2 lead, then the 3-3 tie.

CJ had a bloop single to right off the end of the bat. He looks awful at the plate – no confidence, very tenuous. Good job there Astros “hitting” coach. He is in constant motion at the plate, his hands are too high, and he reminds me of Mo Ensberg at the end. Mo had the excuse of a bad shoulder, but he had a defeated look at the plate too.

Jason Bourgeois hit a ball into the upper deck in left (really!!!) for a 3 run homer. I just checked the replay on mlb – the Brewers announcers say, after he hit it – that’s why you don’t have your #3 hitter laying down bunts. Yeah, Jason Bourgeois is our #3 hitter and no I am NOT kidding. In the 8th, he reached on a 6-4 FC by beating out a GIDP, then stole second off K-Rod who walked the suckulous Jason Michaels. Then he and Jason stole second and third on a “double steal” which really SHOULD have been DI as none of the fielders bothered to even twitch, and Jason scored and tied it up on a wild pitch, but JD Martinez struck out on a ball in the dirt to end the inning. Pitchers are a leeeeetle tougher up here than they are in the Texas League.

(I can’t WAIT for them to bring up that A ball first baseman guy – he’s gonna make Brett Wallace look like Pujols.)

In the bottom of the 8th, Millsie-poo sent Froddy out to pitch to the middle of the lineup. OK. He throws a FB right down the middle and Braun hits it almost out – off the RF fence for a double – Michaels was lost and Bourgeois got the carom. So – Millsie-poo, him who is obsessed with lefty righty, leaves Froddy in AND HE PITCHES TO DA PRINCE!!! I mean seriously, what the HECK? Prince with a man on second, tie game, late innings, righty on the mound, Prince is EXACTLY the kind of batter you DO intentionally walk, especially with a lousy hitter right after him.

Naturally, Prince hits Ball 4 – why you don’t pitch around him, into center for a single. Jason is a good fielder, but his arm is like Michaels – not strong and not accurate. Braun trots home. Crew wins.

I give up.

And, in fact, so did the rest of the team. Which looks like they expect to lose when they go out because they almost for certain will.

Reds coming to town tomorrow.

Wonder if Ed Wade is going to able to manage to dump Wandy and the ol WB by the end of August – now that teams KNOW that he is a terrible trader and is under pressure to dump em, he certainly is not going to get value.

People are NOW screaming to fire Ed Wade. A little late, dontcha think?

UPDATE: Jayson Stark Says Ed Wade Says No More Trades Today 7/31/11

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Doesn’t mean that Wandy and the ol WB can’t be traded next month and I wouldn’t be surprised if Wandy is – like I said, there are a LOT of teams who want him. At least I still have someone to cheer for.

From, here’s a summary (thank you Tim Dierkes) of today’s tweets about Wandy.

2:37pm: Rodriguez is likely to stay with the Astros, tweets Morosi.  Jon Heyman points out that he’s a candidate for an August deal.

1:51pm: The Yankees’ talks for Rodriguez are officially dead, tweets Stark.  Jon Heyman says the Yankees wanted the Astros to pick up half his contract.  Nothing is close for now, but it looks like the Blue Jays or nothing for Wandy according to Stark.

1:46pm: The Astros don’t want to pay down Rodriguez’s contract, tweets Heyman, so a trade seems unlikely.  Morosi says the Blue Jays have entered the bidding, however.

11:49am: There’s a 50/50 chance of Rodriguez being traded somewhere, tweets Morosi.  The Yankees have strong interest, tweets Stephen Goff.

11:20am: The Yankees and Astros discussed Wandy as recently as this morning, tweets Jon Paul Morosi.

11:10am: Rodriguez would have to fall into the Yankees’ laps, tweets Jack Curry.  The Astros would have to eat a “huge chunk” of his contract, tweets Buster Olney.  The Astros are surprised by the lack of interest and haven’t shown an indication they’re willing to include a lot of money, tweets Sherman.  Here’s a link to my post earlier this month about whether Rodriguez is overpaid.

10:33am: The Yankees are trying for Astros lefty Wandy Rodriguez, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.  However, Joel Sherman tweets that there is no sense from the Yankees’ side that they are anywhere near a deal.

The Astros will move Rodriguez only if they get impact prospects, tweets Rosenthal.  They’d have to pay a chunk of the $38.3MM that will be owed to Rodriguez through 2014 if he exercises his player option for that season.

Note that some of the tweeters are Yankee writers/fans. Teams know how terrible Ed Wade is at trading, seeing as how he got nothing good for his top 2 chips. Or Keppinger – those guys aren’t likely to sniff AAA, let alone the majors.

I wonder how many years Crane is gonna get away with minimal payrolls and horrid minor league teams saying the Astros are trying to get better but he can’t increase payroll because no one is coming to the Box to watch minor league caliber players get their heads beat in.

The Pirates got away with it for a dozen years because they’d always sign some end of the line veteran to trade at the deadline, sign some player to a multi-year deal without a no-trade and then trade him. And the owner raked in zillions.

Of course, he had to take SOME crap from the media because in Pittsburgh, amidst all the stupid football worshippers, there are a couple of sports media guys who actually CARE about baseball and are not just team mouthpieces and they weren’t told to shut up by their editors as the Chron reporters seem to have been, seeing as how won’t NONE of em say so much as a peep about the implications of what Crane has actually SAID.

Not to mention nothing from the Houston Press or the radio guys.

I guess if Crane keeps buying all that advertising they never will.

7/31/11: Jason Bourgeois Hits His First Astros Home Run

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

A 3 run job, too.

Can’t wait to see how it looks after the game is over and I can see the replay of the homer on, seeing as how this game is not being broadcast.


7/31/11: Goodbye Michael Bourn

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Toldja he was gonna be traded and traded before the deadline. He’s off to the Braves – they NEED a good leadoff guy and center fielder and Nate McLouth has stunk up the joint since leaving Pittsburgh.

Ed Wade PAID the Braves to take Bourn AND he did not get Mike Minor (top notch pitcher) or ANY top guys ready for the majors. Braves fans are laughing themselves sick, just like the Phillies fans did.

Ed Wade – well, I just can’t say anything good because I am trying not to use Bad Words. Even Richard Justice can’t find real too much good to say except Ed Wade is trying to save his job. IF Crane and his basketball manager CEO do get the team, no reason to fire Ed Wade – he’s cheap and that’s what they want.

We’re getting Jordan Schafer – a major leaguer who hasn’t hit and has been hurt. He can field, according to Braves fans and my own eyes, but there is nothing else good to say. He was at the top of their prospect list 2 years ago, and they wouldn’t even listen to offers for him or Tommy Hunter (now one of their good starters) and now they got PAID to get rid of him for a much better player. Best I know this isn’t a Colby Rasmus situation with managers. He just isn’t any good at hitting ML pitching.

And this is just what we need seeing as how our pitching coach is doing such a great job helping our young hitters adjust to ML pitchers.

Basically, Braves fans don’t think much of Schafer, to be nice about it – which is completely the opposite of what Phillies fans said when we got Bourn – they ALL told me he was gonna be a SERIOUSLY good CF and leadoff guy, although he had no power.

AA LH SP Brett Oberholtzer age 22, drafted 8th round 08 – 3.70 ERA/1.22 WHIP, 8.4 H/9, 2.7 BB/9, 6.6 K/9 (a significant negative change from his stats last year at A ball)

AA RHP Paul Clemens age 23, drafted 7th round 08 –  3.73 ERA/1.35 WHIP; 8.5 H/9, 3.7 BB/9, 7.7 K/9 and these are essentially his same stats from last year at A+ ball

RHP Juan Abreu age 26, crappy AAA reliever: 2.25 ERA (because 6 of his 18 runs allowed over 40 IP were unearned) 6.4 H/9, 5.1 BB/9, 12.8 K/9. 6 year average ERA 4.41/1.47 WHIP.

No top notch AAA guys, you notice. And Ed Wade PAID them to take Bourn.

And Wandy will be going soon too, unless a miracle occurs. The local guys are dead wrong about how “bad” and “inconsistant” Wandy is thought to be by actual baseball front offices…

Ed Wade is so BAD, paying teams, PAYING teams to take Pence and Bourn, when they were certainly worth having the entire salary picked up for the crap we got – he is gonna take a massive pounding on Wandy, too. He’s absolutely – so bad I don’t have enough Bad Words.

Tim Purpura, what little he was allowed to do, did a better job. And that is SAD.

I have not decided at this time whether or not to stop being an Astros fan – and this will be an immediate and permanent split in which I will not watch them or care about them EVER and I mean EVER again and that means no matter WHAT – and this decision will be based on whether or not Bud decides to give Jim Crane – who is gonna make Drayton look like Steinbrenner – this team, him and his BASKETBALL guy who will be in charge. It will be the end of this team for decades and I can’t and won’t support the willful destruction of my baseball team so that some money poor millionaire can make 30 mill a year in welfare and blame Astros “fans.”

I do know that Ed Wade, to put it mildly, got took to the Cleaners on the Oswalt trade, the Pence trade, the Bourn trade. I do know that Ed Wade has managed to draft and develop 2 players – JD Martinez (if he can hit ML pitching) and Jordan Lyles. I don’t count Castro because he’s not a major leaguer, even if he is on the roster. Plenty of guys have taken up space on ML rosters who don’t belong because management happens to like them. (Altuve wasn’t drafted, yeah, technicality – he wasn’t expected to do anything by either this team or those all-knowing scouts and prospect list makers. Sort of like Chris Johnson.)

I hate to think of what he’s gonna get for Wandy – bet he gets a huge pile of nothing and pays 3/4 of his salary. Any other GM would have been able to trade Wandy AND not have to pay some other team to take him.

Angry is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel. It’s not that I don’t know that Wade had done a horrible job this past 4 years with drafting and developing. I know he had to trade the players for whom there is a trade market. Which means Keppinger, Pence, Bourn – and also Wandy – get your head out of 2006, please. But it was supposed to provide top quality guys who could help the major league team NEXT year.

Maybe it is a good thing that for some reason I don’t know, this afternoon’s game is not being broadcast, and I absolutely DETEST the radio guys. Not that I care – Jason Useless Michaels, not Bourgeois, is playing right field.

UPDATE: Listening to Ed Wade right now – he’s expecting those 2 AA pitchers to be in the rotation next year (yeah sure) and that A ball guy to be playing first, middle of the lineup 30 homer hitter. Philly wouldn’t even TALK about trading him for OSWALT last year and now they OFFER him for Pence. Tells me all I need to know.

Also that Wallace is toast – well, I already knew they had given up on him by early May when he was pulled against all the leftys.

I HATE Ed Wade.

Also, in the middle of this “youth” movement, he is going to keep Clint, age 33, the SS of the future.

I absolutely HATE Ed Wade.

7/30/11: JD Martinez Debuts As A PH, Hits A RBI Double

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

I was hoping that he would start in right, but no.

But it was great that he came up and immediately got a hit – drove the second pitch he saw to the CF wall, driving in Quintero from first.


Downs and Sanchez are not good fielders. Happ gave up his usual 5 runs/5 innings, but 2 of them were Downs/Sanchez’ fault. Sanchez is just slow and Downs is just BAD.

Prince Fielder hit a 500′ (at least) solo homer off Aneury Rodriguez – THIRD deck. One of the longest ones I have ever seen in my life. Not sure why they always say that homers are so much shorter than they are – only 475′ my rear. It was certainly longer than the infamous one that Uncle hit off Lidge.

Matt Downs hasn’t reached base in his last 22 PA and Brett Wallace – he’s sinking badly. Afterr his monster April, he had a .719 OPS in May, .657 OPS in June and – this is bad – a .461 OPS (yes, you read that right) for July going 12 fer 62 with 3 doubles. NOT good. Chris Johnson hasn’t hit a homer since June 1. But at least he’s doing better than Wallace. CJ had a .801 OPS in June, but had trouble in July, a .612 OPS.

Hitting coach needs to adjust their swing or stance or something. He hasn’t exactly done much good, has he?

I’m trying to find out more about where Michael Bourn and Wandy might be going, but am not sure yet. The Yankees are trying to get Felix Hernandez, but the Mariners just got rid of their only other good pitcher, so they may not get anywhere. With Ubaldo Jiminez going to the Indians, it might be that Wandy may be headed east – unless Hideki Kuroda goes there first. The Dodgers are getting rid of their expensive players, seeing as how MLB is running the club with Frank McCourt broke.

Furcal is going to the Cards – no Riot any more, I guess – TLR didn’t like Brendad Ryan’s personality, but the man could field and Riot, uh, is not real too good.

7/29/11: Goodbye Hunter Pence

Friday, July 29th, 2011

He was pulled after 5 innings for Jason Michaels – he’s going to the Phillies – I’m shocked, SHOCKED.

So far, it’s 3 A ball guys and a PTBNL. “TOP” prospects (cheap) including Zack Cosart, Jonathan Singleton and Josh Zeid. I was kind of surprised that Domonic Brown wasn’t included – but he makes Clank look like Michael Bourn out there. Wonder if these A ball “top prospects” are any better than Astros “top” prospects Mier, Villar and DeShields – who, by the way, are awful.

I like how the Chron guys are saying stuff like how they think those A ball guys will be in the majors next year. Putting a baseball players on a major league field doesn’t make them major league quality players (see Jason Smith). Promoting guys who don’t deserve promotions and can’t hit low A pitching doesn’t prove that your minor league system is getting better.

Not sure who will go next, Bourn, Barmes, Wandy or Myers, but hey we lost with em and we can lose without em as the old saying goes.

I wish Hunter the best in Philly – hopefully, he’ll win a Ring there – goodness knows Ed Wade’s done his best to keep Philly at the top of the NL since he’s come to Houston. And they didn’t even have to pay him.

Poor Jordan Lyles pitched 6 good innings, giving up only 2 runs – was pulled after 6 innings/78 pitches – not sure why.

Bet he wished it was him going to Philly. And Sanchez is an awful defensive third baseman.

7/30/11: The National Media Knows About Crane Wanting To Cut Payroll

Friday, July 29th, 2011

but yet, the local media is tighter-lipped about Crane’s intentions and finances than a dead person.

Tim Brown, at discusses whether or not Hunter Pence will be traded – he doesn’t know, but we ALL know that other teams DO want Pence. (by the way, Jon Heyman says that apparently Pance was told last night that he was traded, but then he wasn’t – Drayton???)

But check THIS lil tidbit out:

“What we know is new Astros owner Jim Crane apparently hopes to machete some $15 million from the payroll for 2012.”

You know how bad it’s gonna be next year and the year after and the year after and the year after when even the national media wonders who will bother to come to the ballpark when every actual major league baseball player is gone from the team and we are left with the Brett Wallaces and Chris Johnsons.

I wish that MLB wasn’t set up so it simply doesn’t matter whether or not a team has actual FANS or even people at the ballpark. But Fox wants Yankees/Red Sox every year and so Bud will change the playoffs to make Fox happy. And those self same Yankees Red Sox will finance the Cranes of the baseball world who will make money on a major league baseball team that only cost him 75 mill – and will make sure he gets his 30 mill profit a year (well, minus whatever debt payments he can get away with paying).

There will be SOME people who go to the park to watch a terrible team (see Marlins, Pirates, Royals, Brewers owned by Bud n Wendy) with corporate writeoffs and group sales and groups of little kids who are actually really interested in junk food and junk-shun jack, that stupid mascot, not the game.

I have said a lot of times that the baseball players THEMSELVES are always talking about “confidence” and they talk about how there is a different vibe when they are traded from a listless lifeless team to one in real contention for the pennant. Miz Teeke and O. Rah show up.

It will be interesting to see if Bud Selig is going to finally realize his dream of a nice low paying iron clad slotting system in which a prospect’s only choice will be sign for amount X with team Y or go to college/back to college/indy league. I wonder if we’ll get more of the JD Drew stuff where top TOP prospects will refuse to sign with a welfare team and take their chances on the next year’s draft. Especially if Bud gets his way and has significantly lower bonuses.

I would guess that there will still be plenty of guys who will choose baseball over football and if not, Latin America and Mexico are filled with guys who would LOVE to play even for significantly less money that they earn now – if Bud manages to get all payrolls down.

MLB and the owners have been getting smarter and smarter at “hiding” income – although they aren’t smart enough to outsmart Scott Boras, and so much of the MLB income has gone on-line and is split evenly 30 ways that as long as there is, there will be plenty of income, regardless of the numbers of people who actually GO to see the games. And this is why Bud and Crane don’t care or HAVE to care about the actual numbers of people who actually Go through the gate.

The Astros have gone from being THE sports team here to being as interesting as the WNBA and yeah, they’re gone. I never see Astros caps/gear and the Astros chatboards are occcupied by the same 10 people – unlike 5-7 years ago. And people aren’t wearing Rangers gear (there IS no rivalry, Bud – don’t bother to tell your pal Richard Justice to try to pimp it because it don’t exist) instead, oh no. It’s the (many swear words) Yankees and Red Sox – and these people are Texans, not from Up There.

And I just made Fox’ day happier…

Oh yeah, guess how many prospects the Astros have on’s new Top 50 prospect list?

Yeah, you are right. Zero.

7/29/11: Wandy Gets Run Support, Bullpen Support And Beats Cardinals

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

The Wand Man was great – 7 IP, 5 hits (3 doubles, 2 of em to Uncle) 6 K, 1 genuinely earned run and 2 more unearned – a botched GIDP and a Pence error. He reached on error and scored a run and got ROBBED of a bloop hit to right center when Daniel Descalso (the second baseman) made an AMAZING leap and grab.

Wandy is one of the top pitchers wanted in trades, I hear tell. I always have difficulty believing how overlooked he is, not only by the baseball media in general, but by Astros fans – too many are stuck back in 2006. I am hoping, of course, that we keep him and trade the ol WB.

Altuve became a Real Astro today when he grounded into two double plays!!! and screwed one up.  But he also drove in the first run with a sac-fly, so it wasn’t a totally lost game. He looks pretty good with the glove at second, the screwed up GIDP notwithstanding.

No Lance Berkman – his shoulder is bothering him. The Cards are so low on position players that after Melancon faced Pujols and Holiday in the 9th and got them out, the pinch hitter was Kyle Lohse and his .150 BA. No, I am not kidding. They started with backup catcher Laird, who was pulled after the second inning – I missed why, then the second backup catcher, Tony Cruz, hurt his hand on a Carlos Lee backswing and Yadi had to come into the game. Hard to believe they didn’t have anyone else left (guess The Riot was also hurt/sick), but at least TLR has lots and lots of nice new pitchers after getting rid of that troublemaker Colby Rasmus.

I’m not going to be mean enough to say anything about how it is easier to win games – and we’ve actually won 2 in a ROW!!!!! when the opposition is low on position players.

We’re off to Milwaukee to face Randy Wolf and Jordan Lyles is gonna try for that all important first W. I wonder how late into the year they are gonna have him pitch. He looks tired to me. Milwaukee just lost Rickie Weeks, who hurt his ankle yesterday – so hopefully, now that their one basestealing threat is gone, we can win one for the Jordie. Or is it Lylesie?

7/27/11: Altuve Drives In His First Winning Run

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

I like how the Media is screaming on and on and on about Jerry Meals’ botched call at home in the kabillionth inning of the Braves-Pirates game last night bout how we NEED replay, They Have To Get It Right


are completely ignoring the fact that Uncle Albert’s “homer” off the top of the wall was reviewed and though it was OBVIOUSLY not over the wall or off any concrete, was “reviewed” and the incorrect call let to stand.

TLR just made sure that Colby Rasmus left Saint Looey – what a surprise – seeing as how TLR made it MORE than obvious he didn’t like Colby real too good – couldn’t get rid of him last year because he was doing too well, but this year, he had to adjust to pitchers adjusting and that was all the excuse ol Tony needed. They got the much traded Edwin Jackson, RHP and 2 1/2 years of Mark Teahen, utility infielder and Toronto got Rasmus.

Carlos The Jackal just left for San Fran to join up with Kepp. This leaves Pence and Bourn ripe for plucking. I hear tell that the Rays were willing to trade Wade Davis for Colby Rasmus – and yeah, I know he’s younger and cheaper than Pence, but youneverknow. Kind of surprised me, tell you the truth, unless they had some place to move Upton because Desmond Jennings is ready. Would be very nice to have Wade Davis because he’s actually a good pitcher.

I hear tell that both Atlanta and Philly want Pence. Not surprised. I’m not real too particularly thrilled with Domonic Brown, tell you the truth. Not sure who else they have to offer, except Vance Worley, RHP – who might be better than Happ, LHP – then again, pretty much anyone would be better than Happ.

Anyway, I hear tell that there are more than a few teams who want Wandy – his salary is not a problem, but Fast Eddie getting anything better than he did for Keppinger is. At least that is what I suspect.

Lessee what good stuff can I talk about?

Jose Altuve is hitting major league pitching. He wasn’t even on anyone’s Astros top 10 prospect list this year. He’s hit in every game so far, and tonight, with 2 out, Corporan on second and Bourn on first, he drove a ball to center, driving them both in and breaking the 2-2 tie for the first Astros win in 6 games.

Last night, Carlos Lee, yes, Carlos Lee made an excellent catch in left and threw to double Albert Pujols off first base. Which was teh kewl. And he drove in the only run of the game. I was thinkin he WANTS to get traded, but tonight, he went back to his old habit of popping out with men on base – left SEVEN guys on.

Should I mention that today, the Cards’ second run scored because Corporan couldn’t catch the ball – was in more than enough time to tag Pujols by 20′ at least. Or that the Astros failed to score twice with bases loaded 1 out?

But I should mention that Froddy pitched 2 scoreless after Bud left with the score tied in the 6th. I should also mention that in the 6th, Bud had his usual inning in which he COMPLETELY lost control and command and began throwing pitches all OVAH the place and managed to only give up 1 run – impressive. The run was unearned because Pujols hit a ball to CJ, who bobbled it – he had learned, I thought, to just hold the ball if he couldn’t make a good throw, but he didn’t and threw the ball into the stands. 2 errors, 1 play – and THIS time, it wasn’t because the utility IF at first had no idea how to catch any ball not thrown right to him.

Tonight, it’s the Wand Man vs Jaime Garcia, LHP, who, in spite of being a really good pitcher, hasn’t pitched well against the Astros. Let’s hope he stays the same. Wandy could use a W. He’s actually thrown well at Busch: 7 GS, 40 IP: 3.83 ERA/1.20 WHIP and a .235 BAA.