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I’m Happy To Be Wrong: Chris Johnson Makes The 25 Man Roster And Kata Doesn’t

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Well, Johnson gets 5 days to “watch the Old Guys go about their business” that is. Berkman is going to start the year on the DL and is eligible to come back off on the 10th. His knee is still swollen and giving him problems and I hope it is not like the problem Barry Lamar had back in 05 with a bad infection. But then again, I know like nothing about knees and how they get infections inside them…

Chris Johnson hit his 6th homer this afternoon after Wandy gave up NINE earnies. Good grief. I see that Keppinger was playing short and I don’t know if fielding had anything to do with it. But I see he only struck out 1 and walked 2. Maybe Wandy’s mind is on his pregnant wife, who is supposed to give birth tomorrow, and he can’t concentrate. Because he can’t afford to return to the old days of, uh, um, trying to cut it fine. On the other hand, he was pitching to Quintero and he has not historically done well pitching to him – and unless he has changed his feelings, he doesn’t LIKE pitching to Q.

But youneverknow.

And Sampson is looking great aned Moehler is looking better, so if Paulino’s back spasms are bad, Moehler will get spot starts, not Sampson.

And Arias’s shoulder is bad enough that he’ll have to start the year on the DL. Don’t know if he will need surgery or not. Yorman Bazardo is also starting the year on the DL – smart move – this way, Fast Eddie might could slip him through waivers on the 10th.

Cory Sullivan has indeed made the 25 man – as Fast Eddie told the media the first day of ST and Jason Bourgeois will go to AAA.  Some “competition…”

3/30/10: From Austin To Houston; From Houston To Austin

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

My old friend Austin, who has commented on my blog for years, is back in journalism school at UT and is writing a blog, which will be part of Rob Neyer’s blog links.

Check it out.

And speaking of Austin and Houston, Ed Maysonet got sent down. And Matt Kata didn’t. Gee, what a surprise. I wish some reporter would come right out and ask Ed Wade why he thinks Kata is better than Maysonet.

Also, Chris Shelton got sent down, which makes me think that there is a very VERY good probability that Lance Berkman will not start the season on the DL and even if he misses the Opening Day series with the Giants, he won’t miss more than a few games. The Astros don’t want to have to pay Shelton any Major League pay, if they can help it. So Blum will most likely start at first, and if not him, then some great player like Kata.

J.R. Towles made the ML roster and Castro, as I thought, was sent down. Much better to keep him down for a few weeks, screw him out of a year of FA. Besides, he has got to show he can hit even AAA pitching, as he wasn’t all that against AA. Towles is going to have to come out showing something good, and he’s gonna start the year facing Lincecum and Cain, no easy task. And if he looks good, then at least he can hope to be traded to a team that wants him.

Looks as if the rotation is gonna be the 5 we thought – Oswalt, Wandy, Wifebeater, Norris (who FINALLY had a decent game – NO walks, 6 hits, 7 K, 2 R/5 IP today) and Paulino. Lindstrom is going to close, unless he fails and Lyon takes the job. However, we DO know that Lyon has been an excellent 8th innin guy, like La Troy was for us, so maybe this will work out.

Oh yeah. Remember Benny Zobrist? Yeah, the almost MVP for the Rays who was traded a couple years back for 2 worthless months of Aubrey Huff. Well, a RH pitcher named Mitch Talbot was traded with him, and this year, Mitch, age 26, who was traded again in December for Kelly Shoppach, is starting for the Indians – beat out Aaron Laffey, a much more highly touted guy, for the rotation. If he turns out to be a good starter, well, whoever told poor ol Timmy Poo-pura to do that crappy trade (go and get Huff) should have a thorough butt kicking.

Am hoping to take Lil Miss (my niece) to the Friday game vs the Jays – should be pretty easy to pick up some cheap tix from scalpers and will take the kids to fan fest/”Opening Day” on Saturday. Then my Mama and I will do our annual pilgrimage on Monday. She always gets, uh, “sick” with, uh, baseball fever. Yeah, we know the team won’t be good. But the ballpark always looks like a cathedran and that green green grass always holds its lure for us. A thrill that never grows old, even though we do…

You Too Can Be A Stat Geek – Help Marcel The Monkey

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Here and you don’t even have to know how to make up formulas, or know any math.


Yep. Click here to go to Tango Tiger’s site and click on the Astros to, uh, guess the number of games that each listed player will play and number of innings that each listed pitcher will pitch this year. Don’t forget the NRI list, too

Tango will then do all the math with these community forecasts to make out his Marcel prediction system. 

And yes, us fans are VERY VERY good at predicting these things. Bettern PECOTA, yeah, really.

Astros 2010 Starting Pitchers Look Dreadful With Only One Week To Go Till Opening Day

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Well my friends, things don’t look real too good at this point.

Roy was the only pitcher who had been doing well, but he pulled his hammy after 4 innings and is ending his ST time with a grand total of TEN innings pitched. He’s going to get his leg examined by the team doctors. Wonderful.

Wandy, who pitches this afternoon, has been, um, “working on” stuff. The best thing I can say is that he’s hardly walking anybody – just 4 walks over 13 IP. Fewer than the number of homers he has given up, unfortunately.

Norris – well, he “won” today with 4 innings of relief, giving up 3 R; He’s now pitched a total of 10.2 innings and given up 4 homers, 7 BB, 6 K and 11 ER (you don’t wanna see this ERA neither.)

Paulino has pitched 11 innings, but given up NO homers. Which is cause for celebration right there. His ERA is 4.09, but half of those innings came against the dreadful Pirates, in which he gave up only 1 run, but walked 4.

Wesley Wright got sent down to work on starting.

Chris Sampson, throwing a new changeup, is pitching lights out, but naturally, he can’t be considered for the rotation because, uh, well, you see, there are all these guys who could pitch in the bullpen and there is a real competition, so we can’t have Sampson starting because, um, he hasn’t done it this ST. YEAH, that’s the ticket.

Among other starting candidates, Brian Moehler, uh, um, hasn’t looked sharp – 9 IP, 17 H, 6 ER. Shane Loux got sent down and Casey Daigle is seriously being considered, in spite of the fact that that he’s been a reliever since 2004, and not a great one at that. But hey, he’s got that Veteran Presence oozing out all ovah and Fast Eddie’s nostrils are twitching.

But, I keep reminding myself that Roger Clemens had like a 8 something ERA in ST in 2005 and he darn near won another Cy Young. Maybe the guys will step it up. Maybe, if Roy and/or others are too hurt to pitch, Chris Sampson will get a start. And they’ll call me too – I’m a VERY crafy lefty…

Good news is that most of the guys still at ST are hitting VERY well, especially Chris Johnson, outhomering Pence, Feliz and Clank, who naturally has zero chance of making the ML roster because of Feliz, Who Knows How To Win (just not How To Get On Base.) Should I note that minor leaguers TJ Steele and Andrew Locke are hitting decently (don’t get on my butt about small sample size) and hopefully going to AA instead of A+ this year. Maysonet is outhitting and outslugging Keppinger (and we all know what kind of chance May has of making the ML roster.)

Actually, I am hearing rumors that it is possible that with Berkman on the DL, that Chris Shelton will make the ML roster instead of Keppinger. Hard to believe. But I have also been hearing that OTHER teams are VERY interested (so the Astros aren’t, like WHY????) in Chris Johnson, Maysonet and Towles – wanna bet that Fast Eddie trades em for a nice middle reliever?

And speaking of Towles and Castro and the catching job, I want to point out that Castro is not hitting for any power – only 1 double in 30 AB, whereas Towles has 6 doubles and a triple in 29 AB. But Astros fans really only care about BA, so I don’t guess it will matter.

Sorry Maysonet, Johnson And Romero – Ed Wade Had Decided Against You BEFORE Spring Training

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

I guess you could call it amusing that the Astros are having all these guys supposedly “compete” for Spring Training jobs when the GM decided BEFOREhand who the position players on the 25 man would be.

It certainly isn’t batting average or slugging, let alone fielding, that made Yordany Ramirez get sent down or Alex Romero get released. Ed Wade had ALREADY decided, no matter what, that his backup OF were gonna be Cory Sullivan and Phillies Michaels. Chris Johnson and his .325 BA and .750 SLG never stood a chance, unless Feliz and Keppinger BOTH went on the DL.

Morgan Ensberg says in his wonderful blog, that communication of almost any sort is almost nonexistant in pro ball. I’m starting to REALLY like that guy. I’m pretty cynical about professional athletes and their public vs private personas, and don’t exactly expect good human beings because of athletic prowess, but I think that Mo probably IS the decent guy he sounds like. Probably because he was NOT one of those guys who was The Popular Kid or The Supastah in hs – he certainly wasn’t in college. Yeah, sure, he’s aggressive and competitive, but I think that goes along with being male – most guys are aggressive and competitive about SOMEthing.

Anyway, he had said that he LOVED Jimy Williams as a manager – because Jimy did the 3 things well that Mo believes a manager should do: 1 – protect his players from the media (and he surely did THAT and the media hated him for it); 2 – teach – even major leaguers learn something new constantly. How many guys have said that they wish they had the body now that they are old to do what their bodies could do when they were young? 3 – COMMUNICATE – explain what they want clearly so that guys know what’s going on.

The Astros Organization is pimping the living heck out of Jason Castro – not sure if he has all these redeeming features that make him worthy of deification, or if he is just an ordinary catcher, but he was the guy they picked as their number 1 pick – picked before better ranked guys, who COST MORE (ahem) and who are proof of the wonderfulterrificness of The New Ed Wade Regime. They point to his good Spring Training numbers as the Proof of his wonderfulness.

What does this tell Maysonet, Johnson and every other guy who was told he is “fighting for a job” when in fact, their faces are being lied to? When Ed Wade, the FIRST day of ST tells the media that maybe some day Johnson and Maysonet etc might have a place on the Astros roster?


Same thing it tells me when Ed Wade can’t WAIT to praise Paulino (another guy the Organization is crazy in luuuuvvvv with) for beating the crappy Pirates – something even Mike Hampton managed to do.

We all have it figured out – Shelton, Maysonet, Johnson, Ramirez and every other guy who put up great lines in ST never were going to get anything. What does the Organization tell these guys? ANYthing? Do they praise the guys when they do well, or even bother to tell them how they could improve so that they could ever have a chance of making the team, or being traded to a team that will use them? How do guys not lose hope?

I wonder what they have told Towles, who has certainly out-performed Castro. If he hits like Piazza ’99 all year, what then? Why has Quintero been guaranteed a ML job in spite of the fact that Towles is a better defended and hitter? What do they tell him about THAT?

Ida know.

Pitchers? Well, the only ones who don’t look awful are Roy, Sammy G, Lindstrom and Sampson. I keep telling myself about Clemens in ST of 05 and his 8 something ERA and saying – well, this is what happens when guys work on stuff. Casey Daigle, who has 100+ crappy minor league innings pitched, has thrown 10 good innings this ST, and may actually get a roster spot instead of Sammy G. Casey, by the way, hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2006, when he threw 12 OK innings for the Dbax in relief. They’ll give Casey a chance, a guy who is a NRI, but they won’t give their own minor league position players a sniff.

I heard from a few good sources that Brad Mills didn’t want it that way, but Fast Eddie did. So when the New Old Guys suck, I won’t blame Mills.

3/22/10: Morgan Ensberg Tells It Like It Is

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

What was it Jim Bouton said about baseball – something like – here and you thought you had a grip on baseball and all the time baseball had a grip on you?

Like the old song (almost) sez:

I Can’t Quit You, Baseball,
and I cain’t put you down for awhile.
Said you know I love you, baseball,
my love for you I could never hide.
Oh, when I find my self at a baseball game,
I know The Game’s my one desire.
When you hear me moaning and groaning,
you know it hurts me deep down inside to be gone.

(apologies Robert Plant and Jimmie Page)

Mo Ensberg looked for a job in baseball, couldn’t find one, so decided to spend his time (free) talking baseball WITH fans. So far, so honest. But, you know, I hope that his wanting to talk, to teach, isn’t breaking some kind of Omerta with The Powers That Be. Baseball people always talk in cliches, boring BORING stupid sounding cliches, never explaining, just engaging in endless circuitous “logic” if you can even call it that.

And now is the time of year that we get to hear some of the baseball writers and their usual outpouring of dislike of and resentment to those people who play with baseball numbers – both fantasy and professional statisticians (such as Tom Tango and Dan Szymborski.)

I’ve always wondered exactly why so many media baseball writers and columnists are so all fired eager to insist that absolutely NOTHING of any value WHATSOEVER could possibly be learned from stats or any sort (except for the old ones – RBI and batting average) and that anything that any baseball team could possibly want to know is already known by Those Infallible Scouts. And, of course, by implication, the BBWAA.

Is it just one of the endless manifestations of the “Back In My Day Ever Thang Was The Way Things Were Supposed To Be” syndrome? When didn’t nobody but Us Baseball Writers get to know anything? Or, perhaps, WRITE anything? When the baseball players, unless they were supadupa stahs had to kiss Writer butt to make them look good in the paper?

I’m sure that plays a part.

But after the Olympics, I got to thinking bout something somewhat different. I love watching the Men’s figure skating. Perfect bodies, skin tight costumes, graceful athletic movements – can’t beat it. But, these magnificent athletes (oh YES they are) are not participating in a SPORT, but rather in a competition that is judged. A great deal of the final score is the “artistic” component, which is determined ONLY by what each judge FEELS. There is no safe/out, there is no in/out of bounds, just opinion based on experience and personal taste. There is absolutely no absolute meaning of “artistic” or “graceful.”

Perhaps the translation of “artistic” in the world of baseball is our old friends, Mystique and Aura. Perhaps the fear is that numerical determinations of players, positioning, pitches, everything else, will make The Game too computer-like, with no place for the artistry, which is our other old friends, “Intangibles”, “Clutch”, “Grit”, “Knowing How To Play THE Game THE Right Way” and even “Makeup.” Too many stat-ists insist that if it can’t be measured, it doesn’t exist. But truth is that we really NEED our friend “Magic” in The Game.

And truth is that the saber haters really have nothing to fear. No matter how many cameras, no matter how many formulas, no matter how many dorks playing fantasy ball, no matter how many empty idiotic Bull Durham remarks, baseball will ALWAYS be the game of youneverknow because you can’t have mathematical certainty about any event which, by their own definition, MUST always carry an element of Luck.

And no computer geek can possibly remove the magic of gazing on the baseball field, that field of impossibly perfect, beautiful grass with its perfect diamond, its perfectly positioned bases, guys who look like the kid who sells you computer parts (Lincecom) or models in GQ (Sizemore) or is the BBQ wizard at your local rib joint (Ray King) or is the kid who mows your lawn (Wandy) or is a cashier at the Kroger (Wesley Wright – and yes he DOES look just like one of the sackers at a Kroger I go to) – and that if you brought your glove and even your Mama’s old baseball and said – you wanna play catch? – they would smile at you and say – sure there gf, just throw that puppy right here….

Astros 2010 Five Questions

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Well, there a heck of a lot more than 5 questions to be asked, but hey, I have to say more than – I hate the Crappy Veteran Fetish and This Year’s Team Ain’t Gonna Go Nowheres unless most of the guys on the Cards, Brewers, and Cubs get hurt.

Anyway, here is this year’s article I wrote for The Hardball Times. Click here to read.

Alex Romero And Yordany Ramirez Never Had A Chance

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

They never had a chance. It isn’t that they didn’t hit – Romero was 4 fer 11 and Ramirez was 5 fer 11 with a homer. It isn’t that they didn’t do well in the field. It is that Ed Wade had ALREADY decided that Cory Sullivan, hit or no hit (3 fer 21 with 5 K), is going to replace Grit Erstad as the 5th OF before Spring Training started. The only reason that Jason Bourgeois is still with the team is that they need some warm body for the split squad games – he’s 1 fer 13 so far. I’m not fooled here.

I had a bad feeling about it because all the prediction people were using his stats. One of the many reasons that even Vegas doubts that the Astros will improve upon their last year’s mark of 74-88. Especially because Vegas has figured out that Mills, unlike Phil Garner, will not have any say in the roster and it will be up to Ed Wade, whose judgment is, well, there is a reason he is evaluated as a GM as – well, at least he’s better than Dayton Moore. (I can’t say fer sher, but perhaps it was Ed Wade and NOT Cooper who insisted on playing the absolutely useless Jason Smith while sitting Edwin Maysonet last year…)

At this point, Towles is hitting like Barry Lamar, 11 fer 20, so sending him down will be tough. I can’t tell whether or not he will be put on the ML team while Golden Boy Castro spends enough time in the minors to miss the super 2 deadline and thus be cheated out of an extra year of free agency – the temptation must be overwhelming. The real question is – if Towles continues to hit really well in the regular season AND Castro tears it up at AAA, what to do. I would think that the right answer is to trade him for some middle reliever and keep Sammy Gervacio at AAA.

After 2 weeks and 14-29 AB (yes, I know – small sample size) let’s see how the regulars are doing:

Matsui: 6 fer 24 with 1 2B, 1 HR, 5 BB, 2 K: .250/.379/.420
Manzella: 8 fer 27 with 2 2B, 0 BB, 6 K: .296/.296/.370
Maysonet (yes, I know he has no chance) 8 fer 19, 2 2B, 0 BB, 3K: .400/.421/.500
Feliz: 11 fer 23 with 2 2B, 1 HR, 1 BB, 3 K: .478/.500/.696
Pence: 12 fer 24 with 3 2B, 1 3B, 3 HR, 4 BB, 2 K: .500/.571/1.083
Bourn: 6 fer 29, 1 BB, 5 K, 3 SB: .207/.233/.207 (good thing he ain’t tryin to get a job, hunh?)
Clank: 6 fer 20 with 4 2B, 1 HR, 2 BB, 1 K: .300/.364/.650
Blum: 10 fer 23 with 3 2B, no BB, 1 K: .435/.435/.565
Keppinger: 4 fer 14 with 2 2B, 5 BB, 2 K: .286/.474/.429
Michaels: 7 fer 20 with 3 2B, 2 HR, 2 BB, 2K: .350/.375/.800
Sullivan: 3 fer 21 with 1 BB, 5 K: .143/.217/.143
Quintero: 6 fer 22 with 1 @B, 1 BB, 1 K: .273/.304/.218

WOW – it’s FUN to hit minor leaguers and unprepared major leaguers working on stuff, isn’t it?

As for pitchers, um, well, Roy O is cruising with 3 hits, 4 BB, 3 K over 6 IP (and he shut the Red Sox DOWN). Sammy Gervacio is looking awesome – 1 hit (HR) 1 ER, 2 BB, 5 K in 6 IP over 5 games. Matt Lindstrom has given up 2 H, 1 BB, 4 K in 4.2 IP over 4 games and no runs. Casey Daigle has given up NO hits, 1 BB, 5 K over 4 IP in 3 games. Arias is hurt and everyone else is, uh, um, er, uh, working with his pitches, yeah, that’s the ticket. Wandy (working on his changeup) and Moehler (working on his control)and Wesley Wright (working, period) and Bud Norris (sigh) and other starting candidates are giving up homers, hits, walks left and Wright (hahahaha) and I bet right now that Fast Eddie is trying to trade Towles for some juicy Veteran Goodness in the middle relief department, seeing as how 4-9 IP is statistically significant.

Interesting that it takes pitchers so much longer to get ready for the season than hitters.

18 days left to Opening Day.

3/15/10: Albert Pujols – A Houston Astro???

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Buster Olney, uh, found out (ahem) that someone associated with the Phillies was talking to someone associated with the Cardinals about maybe trading Albert Pujols for Ryan Howard, straight up.


Translation for Mr. Olney: Joe, the parking lot guy at the Phil’s ST lot was talking to Sam, the janitor at the Card’s clubhouse about their fantasy league teams and somebody kind of overheard wrong.

Ryan Howard is a good ballplayer and a (supposedly) good guy, and yeh he hits home runs, but, to put it mildly, he ain’t no Uncle Albert. The probability that the Cards won’t pay up – like, probably A-Rod type dough, and let him go to the Red Sox (the Yanks already have Teixiera and Uncle isn’t going back to no third base – well, A-Rod is there anyhow, or even LF) is like, as close to zero as possible.

However, Uncle currently has a limited no-trade and one of the teams he will agree to be traded to is the Astros. Who would happily trade, um, uh, hmmmmmm, oh yeh – they don’t gots nobody the Cards would want. Not that I would exactly object to having Uncle on this team, even if Drayton would agree to fork over 250+ mill. Ah well.

Anyway, Morgan Ensberg is discussing Uncle’s famous homer – you know which one – on his blog (which I loved before he decided to make it tiny white printing on a black background – it’s hard as heck to read even if you change the font). He says that Lidge’s downfall happened because Phil Garner (in spite of being the Astros manager for 1 1/2 years, hadn’t discovered that there is a 5′ optical illusion when looking at the 3B side from the dugout) and he placed Mo Ensberg 5′ too far to the right to get Pest’s grounder on an 0-2 count.

I don’t buy that. Not that positioning isn’t crucial, but after 18 freaking MONTHS, even Phil hasn’t figured out – with Mansolino, that little glitch in the sightlines? And Morgan ignores the fact that on an 0-2 count, and Pest unable to catch up to 98 MPH heat, that Phil decided to have Brad throw him a slider, because Pest supposedly would take that strike??? Uh, no. Pest that year was the best in the major LEAGUES hitting an 0-2 pitch. Let me repeat that – the best in the MAJOR LEAGUES. Not that he hit walkoff homers, or anything, but still, he was gonna do his darndest to make contact – he was gonna choke up and swing. So to expect him to stare at a slider is a little, uh, well, not the best strategy.

And, with Pest on first – well, second, as he took second on DI, it was Lidge’s job to THEN get Edmonds out, not walk him on a 3-2 count.

As for hanging sliders, well, even the Pest would hit that one out. Maybe only 330′ to the CBoxes, but hey, that pitch was luscious, fat and juicy and, well, it got done to it what my Dogss do to hamburger – pounce upon it. Or what they WOULD do to it iffn I was dumb enough to leave them alone with it.

It is also Morgan’s opinion that Uncle is THE best hitter who ever played MLB. Ida know bout that – Ty Cobb and Rogers Hornsby and Tris Speaker and Ted Williams and Barry Lamar and Willie Mays might could beg to differ. Even A-Rod gots sumpin to say bout that. Although it will certainly be interesting to see where Uncle ends up on The Greatest Evah lists when his career is ovah.

And last, but not least, got an email from someone wanting to know what I think about the possibility of the Astros signing Jermaine Dye. Well, I guess they must mean to take the 5th OF spot. He has really only played RF or DH, so he certainly wouldn’t be useful as anything but a strict PH, as we don’t need a DH. And his fielding has declined precipitously over the past few years, to boot. There really isn’t a spot on this team for someone who is going to be pretty much strictly a RH PH – he doesn’t run well, doesn’t steal bases and grounds into the 15-18 DPs a year. Besides the fact that I doubt he is so desperate that he would take a PH job at a low salary, I think we would be better served with a 5th OF like Alex Romero or Bogusevic who can play all 3 OF spots, field well and run well. AND I’m tired of old, worn out veterans.

3/12/10: Astros Rained Out Against Nats And Another Storm Is Brewing

Friday, March 12th, 2010

As all yall have probably already heard, Berkman is needing minor surgery on the knee (not the one he had an operation on back in 05) he hurt last week, and will be out 2-4 weeks.

This means that someone else will be playing first base, and there really isn’t another 1B available, like Mike Lamb, a couple years back, so Blum and Shelton will be trying to field that position.

And speaking of approaching thunderclouds and raining on parades, I hear tell that Ed Wade and his own managerial hire are, uh, not exactly agreeing on who should be on the 25 man roster.

For instance, Fast Eddie has told everyone that Quintero WILL be the backup catcher (regaardless of how well Towles and Castro do – and if Castro does well, and if the Astros are going to forfeit an extra year of Castro by not waiting until the Super 2 deadline, Towles will be wasted in AAA – and you KNOW they won’t trade him for anything but ANOTHER middle reliever, if that…)

But I digress…

Anyway, apparently, Mills wants a totally different bench (seeing as how he has no choice about who plays second or third) and he wants BOTH Towles and Castro (not Q) and Maysonet, Johnson, Yordany Ramirez and Alex Romero, and he wants to give them a LOT more playing time than Fast Eddie thinks – and we all know that Eddie wants moldy oldies Blum, Q, Kepp, Michaels and Sullivan. He said, and I quote “Towles, Maysonet, Johnson and Ramirez may just have to wait until we have a spot for them…”

Which is why Fast Eddie is ranked on GM lists as – well, at least he’s not as bad as Dayton Moore…

It sure seems to be more than possible that Fast Ed is, um, going along with Drayton’s historic preference for Old Guys. After all, Ed does “work with” Tal Smith…