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Stranded Runners

Wednesday, April 7th, 2004

Stranded baserunners will not do it, but neither will shutting down Bonds.
Tonight, the Astros hosted the San Francisco Giants at beautiful Minute Maid Park tonight. This game was the second game of the 2004 Houston Astro Season. Although Astros are predicted to finish high this season, they arent off to the greatest of starts.
Many teams have a decent pitching staff, but none can claim the top 4 man rotation position. The Astros are rotating between huge starting names but have started off to a huge slump. The Astros are currently holding the last place spot, sharing it with the Cardinals at a beautiful record of 0 wins and 2 losses. What could be wrong?
I hardly watched Monday night’s game, so I am not going to comment on that one. I watched almost every second of tonight, Tuesday night’s game, the second game of the 3 game series with the Giants. I was jumping up and down running around my basement tonight at the very end…very exciting, but in the very very end, very disappointing.
BARRY BONDS! BARRY BONDS! 1 HOMERUN AWAY…BARRY BONDS! Could Chris Berman scream about this guy anymore? No, I dont think he can. Berman mentioned, about
once every two seconds, about Barry’s status in the home run record for the career. Even when Barry wasnt up, or wasnt near to being up, or on the field, or spitting, or drinking….Berman was jabberin` about it. I’m sick of it. And what did the Astros do about it? Yeah, he may have hit one last night, but they shut him down tonight. Yet the Giants still came on top! Why, whats wrong?
I have a suggestion. STRANDED RUNNERS! The Astros had a thousand oppurtunities
tonight with multiple men on base to score. Bases loaded…2 men on….1 man on….and what do the Stros do? Strike out…ground out…fly out…This cant happen. I swear, there were more stranded runners on base tallied for the Astros tonight then every other team combined all of last year. When you have men in scoring position, yeah, every once in a while you’ll have to go without runs,
but you cannot do it every inning.
The game was very exciting, I thought. I believe the Stros were up first, 1-0, in the beginning. Then the Giants went on a scoring rampage and it was soon 4-1. As the game progessed, both teams scored, and it was 7-5 in the bottom of the 9th. This is where I was jumping up and down and running around.
Picture this….Bottom of the 9th, 2 outs, bases juiced, down by 2…and ma man, Jeff “Brown Paper” Bagwell up to bat. What more can ya ask for? A base hit will do it. Ball, strike, blah blah…soon, it’s a full count. This is where I am nearly ripping hair out of my skull….Pitcher throws a ball a little outside, Bags pokes at it, flies out to centerfield. Yeah, I nearly cried and punched a hole through my cement floor. Not just at the fact that ma man didnt hit a home run like I wanted him to….just because he didnt get on base at all.
The most important part of the game, and the Stros strand 3 more runners. That’s rediculous.
Bottom line is they have to make key hits. They can shut down all the top hitters in the league, but it will not matter. If they statrt getting key hits when they need them, the Stros will be better than ever. The pitching will kick in with the hitting, and the Stros will soon take over the NL Central.
Clemens vs. Bonds tomorrow…history is made…first time a 300 winning pitcher will pitch against a 600 homerun hitter….cant wait. Hopefully I’ll be able to watch it. Until then, I’m out.

– note – this column was written by someone who wrote the mvn blog before I did. I don’t know who the author is, or I would credit him.